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Stop Litter to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

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Please do not litter

An increase in improperly discarded gloves and mask is causing concern in the community. As the use of personal protective equipment grows to slow the spread of COVID-19, so have reports of local parking lots littered with used gloves and masks. Littering is never acceptable, but more than ever, it is critical to dispose of trash properly.

No one should leave their used gloves or mask on the ground in the bushes or parking lot, and no one should throw their used food and beverage items on the ground. Use a trash can where available, or better yet, carry a bag in your vehicle where you can temporarily hold trash until you return to your home or workplace. Please do your part to slow the spread of coronavirus by practicing sanitary behavior and properly discarding all gloves, masks, and wipes. Please don’t litter!

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