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Despite repeated attempts by City officials asking that Saturate OC obtain proper permits and institute proper safety protocols, event promoters have refused to comply.

The City has been made aware of Saturate OC events taking place in Huntington Beach by Lifeguard Tower 20.  Contrary to claims made by organizers, Saturate OC has not obtained the required City permits needed to hold their event.  Furthermore, the Saturate OC event is currently operating in violation of State and County public health orders.  Given those factors, the City has already issued a citation to the Saturate OC event organizer today.

The Saturate OC program requires City permits, given that the commercialized event includes paid registration tiers (ranging from $0 – $150 for entry), merchandise sales at the event, amplified music, and attracts a mass gathering of participants.

Furthermore, Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) officials have declared that the event is operating in violation of existing public health orders.  OCHCA has identified that given the current COVID-19 community transmission rate in Orange County, the maximum size of the Saturate OC event should be limited to 100 participants or less.

On July 23 and July 24, City officials contacted Saturate OC event promoters, asking that they postpone the event until they obtain the proper permits and institute requisite public health and safety protocols.  Despite repeated attempts to resolve the situation, Saturate OC event promoters continue to advertise that their event will occur tonight at 6 p.m. today, despite being informed that the event is not allowed to proceed.

The City firmly supports the right of any religious group to worship, and the State has published current safety protocols / guidance for Places of Worship.  In addition, the City has established permitting protocols for hosting events on public beaches.

Unfortunately, the Saturate OC event promoters have not instituted safety protocols prescribed by the State and County, and they have refused to obtain a permit for their event.  Therefore, the City has informed Saturate OC that their event is not allowed to occur.

Orange County is currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases.  In order to fully reopen our churches, businesses, and schools, it is imperative that everyone adhere to these simple steps to flatten the COVID-19 transmission curve:

1. Wear a face covering in public

2. Maintain social distance

3. Wash your hands frequently

4. Cover your cough and sneezes

5. Disinfect high-contact surfaces

6. Remain home if you are sick

The City of Huntington Beach remains committed to following all State and County public health orders to protect the health and safety of our residents.  For more updates, visit www.HBready.com.  For questions about City services and policies during this time, please contact our Call Center at (714) 536-5511.

Link to Press Release PDF Here

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