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Webinar for Senior Fraud Prevention to help At-Risk Senior Residents and Patients – April 2nd

Fraud doesn’t take a vacation from the virus, and is very much ready to take advantage of our vulnerable senior population.

You are invited to 20 minute webinar with Police Department Public Information Officer, Tim Martin, to learn about the latest in senior fraud, including robocalls, phishing scams, undelivered goods, and charity scams. This webinar is targeted to facility administrators, so they can pass the information directly to their residents and patients. Q&A will be allowed at the end of the presentation, as time allows.

WHEN: Thursday, April 2, 2020
TIME: 11:00AM

RSVP via email if you would like to participate. Space is limited. You will be emailed an invitation on how to join the webinar through your PC, phone application, or dial‐in before April 2nd.

If you can’t make the webinar, more information will be posted on hbready.com. Please call Janice Van Mullem at 714-536-5565 or email Janice at Janice.VanMullem@surfcity-hb.org or call our Call Center 9AM‐5PM daily at 714-536-5511.

Huntington Beach City Council Approves Temporary Financial Relief Programs to Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic

City Council Authorizes Temporary Relief

During tonight’s special meeting, the Huntington Beach City Council voted to approve two forms of temporary financial relief, including rent abatement for certain tenants of City-owned facilities and a suspension on water shutoffs for delinquent bills.  These relief programs are designed to mitigate some of the significant financial burdens that our community members are currently experiencing, due to the unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Temporary Suspension of Water Shutoffs

In response to the major economic impacts on every day residents, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order No. N-28-20, authorizing local governments to protect essential services by suspending utility shutoffs for customers who cannot pay their bills during the pandemic.  In response, the City Council approved a request to temporarily suspend water shutoffs, penalties, and/or late fees for accounts that are delinquent due to economic hardship caused by COVID-19.  This temporary suspension will remain in effect until May 31, 2020, unless extended.  Following its expiration, the City will establish a program for these customers to pay their outstanding bills over the course of two years or less.  The program does not relieve customers’ obligations to pay bills that accrued during the suspension period or for City to recover payment. 

Rent Abatement for Certain Tenants of City-owned Facilities

Since Governor Newsom’s Stay At Home Executive Order went into effect, many local concessionaires who rent city owned facilities were either required to close or have experienced a dramatic reduction in business. 

Several concessionaire owners have reached out to City staff requesting assistance as a result of the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.  The majority of these concessionaires are small, family-owned businesses that are significantly impacted. By implementing a rent abatement for affected tenants, the City will help mitigate the financial burden caused by COVID-19 and, hopefully, prevent the permanent closure of these businesses.

The City believes that these measures, along with its other COVID-19 related services will help supplement the efforts of its renters and customers to address their financial burdens over the next several months.  Together, the City and its community members can work to overcome these uncertain times, as One HB.

For more information on City services and COVID-19 updates, please call our live Call Center at (714) 536-5511 or visit our website at www.HBready.com.  Updates are also posted to the City’s social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Link to Press Release PDF here

Destruction of City Property is Unacceptable, We are One HB!

There have multiple reports in the community about residents not adhering to current city closures of active park amenities to include but not limited to tennis courts, wiffle ball courts and playground equipment.

We have found locks cut and signs either removed or defaced in some of these areas.  We want to remind our community that each of us has a personal responsibility to flatten the curve in regard to community spread of COVID-19. The city of Huntington Beach is taking an active role in attempting to limit community spread and we are expecting that our residents will also do their part in adhering to the current regulations and rules that have been put into place.

At this time, residents who are found in violation of current COVID-19 related closures at city owned facilities, including providing your own nets or other equipment to use the amenities, may be issued a citation from the Huntington Beach Police Department.

In addition, cutting off locks and defacing or damaging signs is vandalism and jumping fences could be a violation of trespassing, which are both misdemeanors and you will be subject to arrest.

“OneHB Connects” Assisting Huntington Beach Older Adults and At-Risk Individuals

As the City of Huntington Beach continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have recognized that our older adult population in particular may need additional support. We are excited to introduce OneHB Connects, a collaboration between the City and a partnership effort consisting of Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR), Care Connections Network (CCN), Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council (GHBIC), and Waste Not OC. Thanks to this innovative public/private partnership, we will be able to address unmet immediate and longer-term nutritional needs of our older adult and at-risk population.

Our non-profit partners are taking the lead in creating a centralized point of contact for those in need of assistance, as well as those looking to support the response with services such as meal/supply delivery, screening calls or providing donations. Waste Not OC’s culinary food repurposing kitchen partners are currently producing 500 nutritious, vacuum-sealed meals available for Huntington Beach unsupported older adults and others at-risk, which our non-profit partners will make ready for distribution to program recipients on Monday, March 30.

Plans for increased meal production continue as food sourcing is identified and additional partnerships develop. All permitted food facilities are encouraged to get involved by calling 885-700-9622 or by emailing wastenotoc@gmail.com. For more information about Waste Not OC, please visit wastenotoc.org.

For those interested in volunteering and/or donating to this effort, you can find out more information by calling 714-752-0406 or emailing hbresponds@gmail.com. For more information about the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council, please visit ghbic.org.

If you are an older adult or at-risk individual and in need of essential assistance, please call the Senior Center in Central Park at 714-536-5600. Our Staff Team continues to provide screening, resources and a variety of essential services to our homebound older adults.

COVID-19 Case Counts for Huntington Beach Released By Orange County Health Care Agency

Today, the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) released its official counts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in each Orange County city, including for our community here in the City of Huntington Beach.  Based on that release, as of Friday, March 27, there are 26 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Surf City.  Additional OCHCA information on this matter can be found online at https://coronavirus.egovoc.com/.

Moving ahead, we have been told that OCHCA will continue to update each city’s case count every Friday moving forward, and we will be sure to share that information with the community as it becomes made available.  Furthermore, here at the City, we plan on using this more accurate data to better monitor transmission rates of COVID-19 in our City, and to better anticipate possible coronavirus impacts on our community and first responders.

Of note, the COVID-19 case count released by Orange County only includes cases that have been confirmed by a COVID-19 test administered by a medical professional.  These counts do not reflect the total number of cases in the City, since testing is prioritized for patients who are most at risk or most ill.  To that end, asymptomatic or mild cases will most likely not be tested, and therefore will not be included, in OCHCA’s city-by-city counts.

Also, as you review the information regarding COVID-19 cases in each Orange County city, it is important to keep the following factors in mind:

  • City case counts are reflective of where cases live, not necessarily reflect where the transmission occurred.
  • If a city is not listed as having a COVID-19 resident or shows low numbers of total cases, this does not indicate that the risk of transmission is low.
  • Because transmission occurs throughout the country, it is important for all residents to practice social distancing, regardless of their city’s case count. Doing so will help reduce the spread of infection, ease the burden on our first responders and healthcare system, and protect our most vulnerable residents.

As Huntington Beach’s future case counts are released by the OCHCA, the information will be posted weekly on our COVID-19 informational website, www.HBready.com.  If you have any questions regarding current City operations or services, please contact our COVID-19 Call Center at (714) 536-5511.

Link to Press Release PDF here

Keeping Our Community Safe & Informed

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City Services Call Center – open 7 days/week 9am-5pm:

(714) 536-5511

Hotline Number:

(714) 536-5978

Messages will be returned on a daily basis

The City of Huntington Beach is committed to keeping our community and visitors informed of current events in our community. The purpose of this page is to foster transparency and increase the sharing of information. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the City of Huntington Beach will make every effort to to update this page when updates are received from our local, state and federal partners.

Postponed Events

The following events in the City of Huntington Beach have been postponed. The City is actively working with event promoters to hold these events in the future.

April 2-3 – Ragnar Relay

April 3-5 – IJSBA Jet Ski Competition

April 4 – Bunny Run

April 4 – Corgi Beach Day

April 4 – CA Strong Man Competition

April 11 – Easter Hunt

April 12 – Easter in the Park

April 12 – Sunrise Service at the Pier

April 18 – HSS Demo Days

April 25 – Cruise in Car Show

April 26 – Taste of HB

May 6 – Cars and Copters

May 9-10 – Sunset Beach Art Festival

May 30 – Aids Walk OC

Weekly Surf City Nights

Weekly Crafty Fair at the Pier

If you are a senior and in need of assistance, please call (714) 536-5600

Who Is Considered Higher Risk?

Older Adults (People aged 65 and older)
People who have serious chronic medical conditions like:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lung Disease

Watch for symptons & What Should You Do?

  • Pay attention for potential COVID-19 symptoms
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Shortness of Breath
  • If you develop emergency warning signs of COVID-19 get medical attention immediately.
    • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
    • New confusion or inability to arouse
    • Bluish lips or face
  • If you feel like you are developing symptoms.
  • Stay home and call your doctor
  • Call your healthcare provider and let them know about your symptoms.
  • If you are not sick enough to be hospitalized, you can recover at home.  Follow CDC instructions for how to take care of yourself at home.
  • Get medical attention immediately if you have any of the emergency warning signs listed.

What can you do if you have a family member or friend who is at higher risk?

  • Ensure that they have enough supplies on hand and offer to help them get more if needed.
  • Know what medications they are taking and see if you can help them have extra on hand.
  • Communicate regularly with neighbors, friends, and family to support them.
  • Be cognizant of people visiting their home and inform them what to do to stay safe.
    • Stay home
    • Avoid touching high traffic surfaces in public places.
    • Social distancing
  • If you are feeling ill please avoid visiting.